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one of the best prince unreleased shows the glam slam 90's shows , one includes his birthday and has Mayte who you dont see often on his stages live on a full show

all three discs pro shot 


Glam Slam, Los Angeles
Restaurant / Nightclub owned by Prince (as: Love Symbol) 

Grand opening: January 1993 
Closed in August 1995 

a.k.a. "Glam Slam West" 

Glam Slam 
333 South Boylston (Downtown) 
Los Angeles, California


Glam Slam, Minneapolis
a.k.a. 'The Glam Slam' or 'Glam Slam North' 

Grand opening: unconfirmed yet, closed in October 1994 

Trivia: 'Glam Slam' was a single in 1988 and the name of the fictional club he owns in the movie 'Graffiti Bridge' from 1990 More 

Glam Slam 
110 North 5th Street 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403


Glam Slam, Miami
Club owned by Prince (as: Love Symbol) 

Grand opening: June 7 1994 
Closed in February 1996 

a.k.a. "Glam Slam East" or "Glam Slam South Beach" 

Glam Slam 
South Beach Miami 
1235 Washington Avenue 
FL 33139


Glam Slam Yokohama
Club owned by Prince (as Love Symbol) 
Grand opening: December 20th 1991, closed in 1996 

Glam Slam Yokohama 
3-4 Shinyamashita 



2 x DVDR

Full Artwork


Prince Glam Slam , June 7th/8th/9th DVD PROSHOT SHOWS 3DVD

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