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Prince - 1989-02-07 - "Nagoya '89" (SAB) - Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, JP - Lovesexy World Tour - SBD

"Is the party over here?"

To Prince and to celebrating his Years of now 57 Different Varieties...

Happy Birthday To You, Like You Know How To Housequake Party All Night Alright Across The Lines, Like It's 1999 Already!


2 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 208-209
Disc Length : 54:24 / 59:43
Source : Soundboard Recording
Sound Quality : EX+
Year Of Release : 2003
Artwork included: Yes

Known lineage: Files in same form as received kindly c/o plumbdusty.

FLAC Frontend tested files : all OK + Trader's Little Helper checked audio files for SBEs : no errors found, 2015-06-07, mikedreams.

Ample full-song audio-samples in comments down below pour vous de moi biensur.


Lovesexy Tour
Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, JP
7th February 1989

Band : Prince (vox, guitar, piano), Sheila E. (drums, vox), Levi Seacer, Jr. (bass, vox), Miko Weaver (guitar, vox), Dr. Fink (keyboards), Boni Boyer (keyboards, vox), Eric Leeds (saxophone, flute), Atlanta Bliss (trumpet), Cat (dance, vox)

Disc 1

01. Erotic City (intro)   02. Housequake (including Take The A-Train)   03. Slow Love   04. Adore   05. Delirious   06. Jack U Off   07. Sister   08. Do Me, Baby   09. Adore   10. I Wanna Be Your Lover (intro)   11. Head (including Murph Drag)   12. Girls And Boys   13. A Love Bizarre   14. When You Were Mine   15. Little Red Corvette   16. Controversy   17. U Got The Look   18. Superfunkycalifragisexy   19.Controversy   20. Bob George   21. Anna Stesia   22. Cross The Line

Disc 2

01. Interlude   02. Eye No   03. Lovesexy   04. Glam Slam   05. The Cross   06. I Wish U Heaven   07. Kiss   08. Dance On   09. Sheila E Drum Solo (including Transmississippirap)   [start piano set] 10. It Is No Secret What God Can Do - When 2 R In Love   11. Venus De Milo   12. Starfish And Coffee   13. Raspberry Beret   14. Strange Relationship   15. Chopsticks - With You - Under The Cherry Moon - Condition Of The Heart   16. International Lover   [end piano set]  17. When 2 R In Love 18. Let's Go Crazy 19. When Doves Cry 20. Purple Rain 21. 1999

More Info:
- Songs                    Additional Songs    Remarks / Personnel
- 1.02 Housequake       It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night incl. Escape intro & Take The A-Train interpolation
- 1.06 Jack U Off       Twelve
- 1.13 A Love Bizarre   Sheila E. co-lead vox
- 1.17 U Got The Look   Dirty Mind bridge to a passing Batman Theme
- 2.06 I Wish U Heaven  Sheila E. lead vox
- 2.17 When 2 R In Love incl. Three interpolation
- 2.19 When Doves Cry   incl. La, La, La, He, He, Hee interpolation


One of Sabotage's finest releases, and one of the clearest soundboard recordings in circulation. This is one of three Japanese soundboards from the Lovesexy tour widely circulating (not including the Osaka soundcheck) and all 3 are of amazing clarity. The audience level throughout is barely audible, which at times makes these shows sound more like rehearsals than the full-blown extravaganza they were. The Japanese Lovesexy shows also lack the passion, religious tone and major enthusiasm of the European and US leg of the tour in 88. This is still an extraordinarily good concert, but it the performance doesn't convince me Prince is high on the message of Lovesexy anymore. The show itself contains numerous changes from the previous 88 tour. The most obvious being the opening 'Erotic City' has been omitted, 'I Wanna Be Your Lover' contains the intro only, 'Head' is reduced to a single verse, 'Blues In C' has been completely dropped, as has the 'Take This Beat / God Is Alive' portion following 'I Wish U Heaven' (which the girls in the band sing). This particular show thankfully contains the piano medley and is proceeded by Prince singing the melody (without lyrics) to 'It Is No Secret What God Can Do'. The piano segment features the brief portion of 'Chopsticks' and 'With You' (both of which Sabotage have bafflingly not listed on the artwork). The accompanying booklet and artwork is stunning and certainly one of Sabotage's best efforts - albeit with some tracks missing on the back cover.

Prince - 1989-02-07 - "Nagoya '89" Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, JP - Lovesexy 2 CD

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