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Exclusively released on now-discontinued VHS and LaserDisc formats, the following content has never before been available on DVD, until now!

This DVD has been meticulously remastered directly from the original high-quality LaserDisc source, making its DVD debut after more than two decades. The exceptional quality is preserved from the rare and long-lost Japanese-only LaserDisc, which has been out of circulation for over twenty-four years. Presented here in stunning 1080P resolution ( buy the blu ray version for improved image )

"3 Chains o’ Gold" is a 1994 direct-to-video film created and directed by Prince, featuring Prince and The New Power Generation in starring roles. It's a unique video compilation interwoven with a loose storyline, showcasing Mayte Jannell Garcia as the Egyptian Princess and Kirstie Alley as Field Reporter Vanessa Bartholomew.


My Name Is Prince

Sexy M.F.

Love 2 The 9’s

The Morning Papers

The Max

Blue Light

(I) Wanna Melt With U

Sweet Baby

The Continental (with Carmen Electra)

Damn U


Conclusion/3 Chains O’ Gold

Total Duration: 1 Hour and 13 Minutes


this can be bought on dvd, but also for more quality blu ray and for convenience and speed digital download 

PRINCE 3 Chains O’ Gold (1994) from Japan only LaserDisc to DVD) or digital down

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