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Artist: David Bowie
Title: Glamour 1980 (Bootleg)
Date: 1998
Label: N/A
Cat. Nº: BOWCD1980
Genre: Art-Pop

1    Scream Like A Baby    
2    Because You're Young    
3    Kingdom Come    
4    Up The Hill Backwards    
5    It's No Game    
6    Is There Life After Marriage?    
7    Up The Hill Backwards    
8    Teenage Wildlife    
9    Kingdom Come    
10    Scary Monsters    
11    Ashes To Ashes    
12    Tired Of My Life    
13    Ashes To Ashes    
14    Life On Mars    
15    Cool Cat    
16    I Am Lazer    

Track 1-10: Early versions and mixes of "Scary Monsters" album. 
Track 11: 12-min version 
Track 12: Original version of "It's No Game" 
Track 13-14: Live on the Tonight Show 
Track 15: Jams With Queen 
Track 16: Original version of "Scream Like A Baby"

David Bowie Glamour 1980 (Bootleg) CD

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