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Emancipation Proclamation

1 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 015
Disc Length : 69:08
Source : Various
Sound Quality : EX- / EX+
Year Of Release : 1997

Freedom Concert - Paisley Park Broadcast : 12th November 1996

1. Intro - Free At Last   2. Jam Of The Year   3. Purple Rain   4. Get Yo Groove On (including Six)   5. Joy In Repetition   6. Sexy MF (intro)   7. If I Was Your Girlfriend   8. One Of Us   9. Emancipation (outro)

The Tom Joyner Show - Chicago Radio Broadcast : 21st November 1996

10. 2morrow

Oprah Winfrey Show : 21st November 1996

11. Interview   12. Do Me, Baby   13. If I Was Your Girlfriend   14. Interview   15. Purple Rain (piano instrumental)   16. Batman Theme (piano instrumental)   17. Forever In My Life   18. Interview   19. Sleep Around   20. Interview

Studio Outtake

21. Sarah

Press Conference - Paisley Park : 13th November 1996 (am)

22. Interview Excerpt


This is actually one of Sabotage's better early releases, and certainly one of the nicest covering the Emancipation era. The release begins off with the 'Freedom Concert' from Paisley Park. The show itself is hardly the most awe-inspiring performance Prince has ever given, but the show does include a rather unique and very enjoyable version of 'Joy In Repetition'. The other tracks performed at the show went on to become regulars on the US 1997 tours, and the versions performed are identical, although slightly abridged. Next we have the version of '2morrow' which went on to appear on the official release of the 'Crystal Ball' album. I believe this is the earliest broadcast of the song (hence it's inclusion here), however it is identical to the released version. The complete Oprah Winfrey broadcast takes up the majority of this disc, and whilst it is an intriguing, farcical item to watch, as with most other TV interviews it doesn't really lend itself to an audio only release like this one. Second to last is the Emancipation outtake 'Sarah' which is available on any of the larger outtake sets, but it is perfectly understandable why it has been included here. The final track on this set is 2m 30 seconds from the press conference given by Prince after the 'Freedom Concert' at Paisley Park. The sound quality is extremely poor and at times it is very hard to make out the questions being asked to Prince, and his reply. That said it is still a fascinating, rather rare addition. The accompanying artwork and booklet of an extremely high standard with the usual stunning artwork and pictures - although no information of any kind. Overall this is one of Sabotage's better releases, and certainly one of the best of any label concerning the rather bland Emancipation era.

Prince Emancipation Proclamation Cd

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