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THE BEATLES…Introducing Martha! [Martha Records, 1CD]Sessions and outtakes. Very good soundboard.

Bootleg featuring several tracks from the Anthology DVD and is part of the “Core” Beatle bootleg collection necessary for some of the Christmas messages not found anywhere else. - bootlegzone

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Thanks to soundbaron for sharing the tracks on the net.


01. Chat 0:3702. The One After 909 2:1003. If I Fell 2:1904. I’ll Be Back 2:3205. Outtakes Medley 4:5906. Cat Pie 1:1307. Leave My Kitten Alone 2:2308. I’ll Follow The Sun 1:4809. If You’ve Got Trouble 2:4210. Hello Martha 1:1011. We Can Work It Out 2:1212. Third Christmas Record Outtakes 11:5913. And Your Bird Can Sing 2:2214. Not Even In The Loud 1:2015. Strawberry Fields Forever 2:2316. Across The Universe 2:0517. Lady Madonna 2:1618. It’s Singing Me Like A Dog 1:2719. Martha My Dear (Mono) 2:2920. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 2:3521. Outtakes Medley 4:3422. So I’ve Finished My Work 1:0323. Two Of Us 3:2824. The Ballad Of John & Yoko 2:2525. Outtakes Medley 2:1526-27. No Martha… Not Your Milk/Tomorrow Never Knows 3:0128. Tomorrow Never Knows 3:2629. A Day In The Life 2:0530. Golden Slumbers-Carry that Weight 3:2031. Martha My Dear 1:2080 mins

The Beatles ...Introducing Martha CD

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