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David Bowie - Tin Machine TV Mix  DVD-R

Author: unknown 
Video Source: TV broadcasts 
Menu: yes  
Chapters: yes  
Transfer Rate: 
Format: PAL
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0  
Number of Discs: 1 

Total Running Time: 57.09 


Notes: Pretty good quality TV broadcasts - some slight shadow. 


Arsenio Hall Show 13.12.91
A Big Hurt
Heaven's In Here 

Saturday Night Live 23.11.91
Baby Universal 
If There Is Something 

Countdown - 1989
Video footage Tin Machine, rehersal footage NYC, I can't Read, Interview 

MTV Week In Rock 3.6.89
Rehersal footage, Heaven's In Here, 
Interview with DB and RG
Rehersal footage - I Can't Read 
Video foorage - Tin Machine 

Tin Machine promo video 


David Bowie - Tin Machine TV Mix  DVD

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