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Guns N' Roses 
'Unwanted Illusions'
1-4: R.S. Studios, Canonga Park, LA 1990
5-8: Live CBGB 1987
10-15: Studio Demos 1987-1991
Various Quality
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3



Track List: 
1. Crash Diet
2. Bring it Back Home
3. Sentimental Movie [Slash on vocals]
4. Just Another Sunday
5. Axl's Blues [Live CBGB's 1987]
6. It Tastes Good, Don't It? [Live CBGB's 1987]
7. Too Fast to Live [Instrumental] [Live CBGB's 1987]
8. It's So Easy [Slash on vocals] [Live CBGB's 1987]
9. Scrap Bar Daze
10. Booze Party [Intro to acoustic "Move to the City"]
11. Jumping Jack Flash [Studio Demo]
12. Jumping Jack Flash ['Hellhouse' Rehearsal]
13. Jumping Jack Flash [Acoustic Demo]
14. Heartbreak Hotel [Studio Demo]
15. Heartbreak Hotel ['Hellhouse' Rehearsal]


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