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A collection of hits from one of pop music’s greatest geniuses - Prince, aka ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prince’, aka ‘the Unpronounceable Symbol’, and more. 

Whichever alias he assumed, Prince was always fascinating as both a performer and songwriter, and here are the best of his own appearances on a selection of BBC shows, alongside a rich selection of performances from artists who covered his songs over the years. 

The playlist includes Beyonce, Muse, Tom Jones, The Bangles, Pink, Alicia Keys, Michael Kiwanuka, Chaka Khan and, of course, Sinead O’Connor, all brought together to demon

strate beyond doubt why Nothing Compared 2 Him. 


this includes a never before seen performance from the purple one 




this will play in the country of customer

Prince & His Songs At The BBC DVD

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