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Los Angeles Big Screen

2 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 324-325
Disc Length : 75:58 / 75:54
Source : Soundboard Recording
Sound Quality : EX+
Year Of Release : 2005


Musicology Tour Premiere
Staples Center, Los Angeles
29th March 2004

Disc 1

1. Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Video Intro   2. Musicology   3. Let's Go Crazy   4. I Would Die 4 U   5. When Doves Cry   6. 1999 (intro)   7. Baby I'm A Star   8. Shhh   9. D.M.S.R.   10. A Love Bizarre (intro)   11. The Glamorous Life (intro)   12. I Feel For You   13. Controversy   14. Interlude   15. God (instrumental)   16. The Beautiful Ones   17. Nothing Compares 2 U   18. Insatiable   19. Sign O' The Times   20. The Question Of U (including The One - Fallin')

Disc 2

1. Let's Work   2. U Got The Look   3. Life 'O' The Party   4. Soul Man   5. Kiss   6. Take Me With U   7. Interlude   8. Forever In My Life - Real Players   9. 12:01   10. On The Couch   11. Little Red Corvette   12. Sometimes It Snows In April   13. 7   14. Purple Rain

36th NAACP Awards : 19th March 2005

15. Award Speech Acceptance   16. D.M.S.R.   17. We're A Winner   18. I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)   19. Satisfied   20. I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing   21. Housequake   22. The Jam   23. The Bird   24. The Glamorous Life   25. Santana Medley


This release is a combined 2CD and 1DVD release by Sabotage focusing on the Musicology tour opening night's broadcast. I have listed the DVD separately, however they are one complete release. The DVD suffers from a few serious flaws, however I am more than happy to say the audio 2CD release is superb. It is not without some minor problems, but overall it is extremely high quality. As it is sourced from the video footage, it is clear and has benefited from some extra work with very powerful results. The crowd level is also slightly more audible on here, which adds a little more atmosphere to the recording. There is a strange 30 second passage as 'D.M.S.R.' begins where Sabotage have inserted a portion of the song from the MuchMoreMusic July 2004 performance. I'm slightly bemused about this as the problem is not on the video footage, however it is the only real minor gripe I have. Prince's performance is a little wooden and unadventurous to begin with, but he gets into his stride 20 minutes in and the show really takes off from there. "Testolini 1, Testolini 2". Whilst this is far from being an awe inspiring show it is above average and has some very nice moments, including a stunning acoustic set, and two lengthy versions of both '7' and 'Purple Rain'. The release comes in two packaging styles - either DVD case, or normal 4cd box. Stunning artwork accompanies both, and includes information on the AEG-TV simulcast. As a whole package this release (video and audio) is an excellent idea




2  CDR 





Prince Los Angeles Big Screen 2 CD #SAB 324-325

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