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Peach & Black: The Camille Anthology

No real liner notes to be had for this one, at least not yet. The important details are that the main Camille album, the first eight tracks of disc one, apart from Rebirth Of The Flesh is vinyl sourced and, in my humble opinion, sounds much better than the flat CD version I'd assembled previously. Otherwise, the outtakes are taken from Work It 2.0, the remixes and b-sides from T's 12" Archive and the rest from official releases ripped or transferred by myself. The first disc is PURE Camille, whereas the second disc is where some fans say some of the tracks don't count, but I included everything that may or may not be a Camille track. In fact, the only thing I didn't bother to include was Erotic City, cited by many as the first appearance of the Camille voice, but as Camille doesn't sing lead or share the lead vocals with Prince I didn't feel it counted.

Anyway, purists should love the first disc, and those who will give Prince's later stuff a chance will enjoy the second disc as well which features Camille tracks from the late eighties all the way to the last few years

Disc One

01 Rebirth Of The Flesh.
02 Housequake
03 Strange Relationship
04 Feel U Up
05 Shockadelica
06 Good Love
07 If I Was Your Girlfriend
08 Rock Hard In A Funky Place
09 U Got The Look
10 Housequake (7 Minutes Mo' Quake)
11 U Got The Look (Long Look)
12 Love Or Money (Extended Version)
13 Scarlet Pussy (12'' Version)

Disc Two

01 Cosmic Day (snippet)
02 Good Man
03 Dream Factory
04 Money
05 Partyman (The Video Mix)
06 The Purple Party Mix
07 3121
08 Crystal Ball (Original Version)
09 Housequake (Razormaid Remix)
10 Dance 4 Me
11 Good Love (Part 1 & 2)
12 Crystal Ball (Clare Fischer Version)
13 Ol' Skool Company
14 (I Like) Funky Music

Prince Peach & Black 2 x CD ( Thunderball)

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