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Special vinyl cd edition


David Bowie
Life Is A Circus
Beckenham Arts Lab
Clairville Grove, Chelsea
February 2, 1969
**Master Rip**

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01 Space Oddity
02 Janine
03 An Occasional Dream
04 Conversation Piece
05 Ching-A-Ling
06 I'm Not Quite
07 Love Song
08 When I'm Five
09 Life Is A Circus
10 Lover To The Dawn

Perhaps one of the most important historical documents in the career of David Bowie. In 1969, Bowie and fellow Feathers colleague, John "Hutch" Hutchinson, recorded at least ten tracks, on a tape recorder, to send to various record labels. This demo tape eventually landed Bowie a deal with Mercury and launched his career.  As one can imagine, a recording made 35 years ago is not of pristine quality, but this version offers a better listening experience than many of the other discs floating around with this material.



Exactly when and where this demo tape was recorded remains difficult to pinpoint. It was almost certainly after Kenneth Pitt’s meeting with Simon Hayes on 14 April, and the presence of Hutch means that it can’t have been a great deal later, for he bowed out and returned to Yorkshire the same month. It has been suggested that the demos were recorded on professional equipment at Mercury Records’ headquarters in Knightsbridge, but this seems highly unlikely considering Bowie’s apologies on the tape for the “very bad tape recorder and microphone” and for the noises coming from the piano teacher upstairs; the usual consensus is that the venue was his new flat in
Foxgrove Road, Beckenham, where he moved on 14 April.
In mid-May Pitt successfully negotiated a one-year contract with Simon Hayes whereby Bowie was to receive royalties and production
costs for a new album, while Mercury retained two one-year renewal options. The record would be distributed on the Mercury label in America, and its affiliate Philips in the UK.


very early soundboard not a soundboard but a tape bowie used at the time 










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David Bowie 1969-02-02 Beckenham Arts Lab. – Life Is A Circus Vinyl CD edition

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