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This is jennifer lopeza live album but with also some old classics too 


Source: HD 

Qaulity: PRO Shot


1. **This Is Me…Now (chorus only)**
2. **Hearts and Flowers (live debut)**
3. **Jenny From the Block**
4. **Rebound (live debut)**
5. **This Time Around (live debut)**
6. **Love Don't Cost a Thing**
7. **All I Have**
8. **Dear Ben, Pt. II / Dear Ben (live premiere of both songs)**
9. **I'm Glad**
10. **Hummingbird (live debut)**
11. **Broken Like Me (live debut)**
12. **Can't Get Enough (with Michael Jackson's "Wanna more")**
13. **Midnight Trip to Vegas (live debut)**
14. **If You Had My Love (interpolated with "Midnight Trip to Vegas")**
15. **This Is Me…Now (live debut)**
16. **Re-shot Hearts and Flowers**
17. **Jenny From the Block**


What our getting?


DVDR with permenant inked disc 


Artwork for the cover 

Jennifer lopez Apple Music Live 2024 Concert PRO DVD

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